in.ventus was founded in 2012 by a team of experienced specialists in the development, the turnkey construction, financing, management and restructuring of wind farm projects with a special focus on Poland.

For several years, in.ventus has been providing consulting services to wind farm developers, investors and banks. In 2014 and 2015, in.ventus bought five wind farms in Poland and one wind farm in France with a total capacity of more than 180 MW. Those wind farms were technically and financially underperforming and were thus typical distressed assets.

After taking over the wind farms, in.ventus started a comprehensive restructuring process which included:

  • renegotiation and optimization of all operational key contracts such as service agreements, insurances and PPAs/CPAs,
  • further reduction of operating costs by e.g. streamlining organizational processes and simplifying legal structures,
  • improvement of the wind farms’ technical performance by e.g. increasing the technical availability of wind turbines and implementing performance enhancing technical solutions,
  • reduction of operational risks resulting from mistakes in the project development,
  • adjustment of the financing conditions to ensure a stable performance under the credit facility agreements.

Integral part of the successful restructuring process was the establishment of a comprehensive technical and commercial wind farm management. For this purpose, in.ventus set up a team of highly qualified engineers and financial experts. By continuous monitoring of the wind turbines, innovative analysis of technical data, effective trouble shooting and thorough financial controlling, we ensure the best possible technical and commercial performance of our wind farms.

After getting the projects back on track, in.ventus sold its Polish wind farms to a Polish utility in 2019. The complex transaction was a milestone for in.ventus, and it means a major success for our company.

The in.ventus management thanks all business partners and friends who contributed to our company’s success. in.ventus will remain present on the wind energy market, and we are ready to discuss further business opportunities. 

Elżbieta Willmund
Roman Hudzik
Michael von Schubert
 Sebastian Willmund