in.ventus conducts the commercial and the technical management of its own wind farms and offers this service to others as an all-inclusive service package.

The commercial management includes for example: accounting, payment transactions, invoicing, registration of green certificates, contract management (e.g. of land lease agreements), cost controlling, calculation of profitability, liquidity forecasts, monitoring of wind farm financing, handling of insurance cases, renegotiation of key-contracts (e.g. turbine service contracts).

Key-tasks carried out by in.ventus in the field of technical wind farm management are: 24h turbine watch on 365 days a year, analysis of operating data incl. error detection, error analysis and error correction, data collection and documentation, monthly and annual reporting, managing of the turbine service contract and supervision of service provider, monitoring of power curves, monitoring of turbine availability, turbine inspections independent of turbine manufacturer, trouble shooting on site.



Our concept of wind farm management is to support wind farm owners by carrying out all tasks necessary to reliably and efficiently run their wind farm. As the owner’s partner we ensure smooth operation of their wind farm, and we improve their projects. Some of the advantages of our professional wind farm management are: increase of availability and production, cost reductions and increased project profitability, monitoring of wind turbines independent of turbine manufacturer, financial project controlling, comprehensive technical and commercial reporting to the owner. Especially our regular reporting enables the owner to be in control of the project at any time by monitoring the wind farm’s key performance data.